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15 Fashion Pieces That Turned Out to Be More Unpredictable Than We Expected

Sometimes fashion is like gambling. A seemingly normal sweater can shrink down to a tiny size, even after washing it in cold water and drying it in low heat. The socks that you bought may have a pedicure. Such cases would be called failures if they weren’t so hilarious.

We at Bright Side agree that fashion can be unpredictable and would like to show you 15 more things that Internet users shared with us.

1. “The many stages in my sweater’s life”

2. “I went hiking for the first time in a while. My hiking boots are just as out of shape as I am.”

3. “The inner tag on a new pair of jeans I just purchased”

4. “I found my doppelganger on a T-shirt and sent him one in return!”

5. “In the hospital, these are my nurse’s shoes.”

6. “ASOS is sending out jeans that are too long.”

7. “Tell Thanos I found his shoes at Ross today.”

8. “What to do when you order a small T-shirt and they send you an XXXL”

9. “I just want a sweater that covers my whole torso.”

10. “These shoes look like 2 plucked chickens having a chat.”

11. “I’ve seen a grass skirt but never, until today, had I seen grass shoes!”

12. “I thought I bought a skirt today until I got home and tried it on.”

13. “I found this bad boy on the clearance rack. Ready to grow my extra set of arms this winter!”

14. No need for a perfect pedicure. Just buy the right socks.

15. “My dad bought these slippers thinking they were a supreme pair for a very cheap price.”

What’s the most unusual fashion item that you’ve ever bought? Do you like online shopping? Please share your experience with us!

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