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15+ Fruits Without Their Peel That Will Add Some Perfection to Your Feed

Fruit peels are a great source of beneficial nutrients. For example, the removal of peach skin might lead to an almost 50% reduction in antioxidants. But there are people who don’t know about it and peel any fruit they are going to eat. Luckily for us, some of them take pictures of the results, and we find them so satisfying, that it is hard not to share them with you.

Bright Side offers its readers a unique chance to see what 17 fruits look like without their peels. And if you are a perfectionist, take a peek at the bonus section.

1. We want to poke all the little juicy pods with a toothpick.

2. It makes us feel the taste.

3. It would be great to have these kinds of flowers every day.

4. We wonder who has so much patience and time.

5. How do you do this without being covered with juice from top to bottom?

6. Are these some kind of watermepples?

7. This dragon fruit looks like an ancient mystical flower.

8. How do you feel about perfectly peeled pomelo sections?

9. Rambutan — an aggressive body hides a vulnerable soul.

10. It looks like garlic, but it tastes like perfection.

11. No wonder its name is star fruit.

12. Oh kiwi, you are not so hairy on the inside.

13. We envy this peeling skill.

14. We just have one question, “Why?”

15. This is a peeled lychee covered with its inner skin.

16. These peaches are so lovely.

17. Each of us has always wanted to achieve this perfection.

Bonus: This peeled garlic is a sight for sore eyes.

Which fruit amazed you the most? Would you like to go peel something right now and share your photos?

Preview photo credit c4gam1ng / reddit
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