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15 Graduates Who Are Still on the Fashion Police Blacklist

Prom is a huge deal and everyone wants to get noticed during the big night. So, they use cake-dresses, "naked" outfits, crazy haircuts, and so much more. Well, we can only imagine the emotions of these people when they look at these photos decades later.

Bright Side gathered some photos of 15 people who are very unlikely to show their prom album to their grandchildren.

1. "2007. Terrible makeup, a mohawk with gel, a choker, a coffin-shaped bag... My mom loves the dress more than anything."

2. "My friend repelling 3D women at prom."

3. Looks like these guys went to a Pokémon academy:

4. If you forget what pompous looks like, then look here:

5. Why do they look like they are siblings?

6. "That time I went to my high school prom and looked like a 45-year-old woman."

7. "I should have told my date what I was wearing to prom. Oh, well..."

8. If carrot juice needed official representatives at school proms...

9. A prom is not a good time for experiments.

10. "Prom, 2000. My poor date was a foreign exchange student. I imagine his parents regretting the decision to send him to America for a year in high school after seeing this photo."

11. "My friend Harry and I have wanted to dress like this for prom since we were little kids."

12. We're not sure but maybe these are the best outfits ever!

13. When you don't need a date:

14. When your prom is at 8 PM but you have to sign The Declaration of Independence at 7:30 PM:

15. "Does anyone see Beauty and the Beast or is it just me?"

Bonus: Never order a dress for prom online...

What do you remember about your prom outfit? Tell us in the comment section below!

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