15 Hilarious Clothing Disasters It’s Hard to Look Away From

Not all of us are fashion experts, and sometimes we have problems choosing the right clothing designs. But some people fail so badly when making or wearing clothes that you just can't help wondering how it was even possible.

Bright Side made a list of unsuccessful shapes, patterns, and prints from just funny to very embarrassing. Look through them to the end!

15. Shopping online is always a risk.

14. Coincidence?

13. Extremely honest

12. What a nice flower!

11. Any guess how to wear it?

10. Thanks for the advice.

9. In case you want exactly the same print.

8. This is just a T-shirt design.

7. This is how you can illustrate the word "useless."

6. Not the best fakes I've seen.

5. Unfortunate fashion sense

4. This is how some people see Nirvana.

3. Maybe not the best place to put flowers...

2. It fits almost perfectly.

1. Bad fashion or bad timing?

Have you ever been unlucky with clothing design or online shopping? Tell us about it in the comments.

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