15 Hilarious Copies of Famous Brands That Will Make You Raise an Eyebrow

Sometimes when manufacturers struggle to come up with a great design for their new brand, they like to take inspiration from world-famous companies.

We at Bright Side would like to show you a selection of products whose founders seemingly didn’t bother going the extra mile when it came to picking a suitable logo.

Oreo’s long-lost cousin.

I’m sure the people at Colgate aren’t cool with this.

This is going to scare so many kids.

iPhone shoes, anyone?

After The Lion King, Pumbaa is going solo in the T-shirt business.

Someone is clearly not a big fan of superheroes at the factory.

Didn't know Google broke into the tissue industry.

No clue what this brand might be.

Logo thieves laid their hands on soda giants too.

I found my new favorite energy drink. Time to get rid of those Red Bulls.

H&M is now in the fruit sector.

Say hello to the brand-new PearPhone.


Facebook has finally started its own food chain.

Preview photo credit tombeardshaw
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