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15 Hilarious Pieces of Evidence Showing That Humor Is Vital in Medicine

Being a doctor is more than just a profession. It's a lifestyle that not everyone is able to handle. The responsibilities they take on by taking the Hippocratic oath make them serious and attentive. Sometimes it might even seem like they are nerds. But that's just an illusion and we're going to prove it.

Bright Side collected the ​​​​​​funniest jokes from doctor's lives that are both sarcastic and just plain hilarious.

15. "Got an X-ray yesterday. The whole hospital was rolling on the floor laughing!"

14. How many 'shots' would you like?

13. We have the same question.

12. "They tried to scam me from my roommate's account but I fought back."

11. Is he even a doctor at all? That's the question.

10. The miracles of medicine

9. Even Google doesn't know what to do.

8. When you were warned but you did it anyway.

7. A vital morning IV

6. This guy is studying to be a pathologist.

5. Pretty clear, isn't it?

4. "We will come and inject you with this if you try to fake an illness."

Translation: 'an injection (10 ml) for nutcases'

3. Working in intensive care helps you realize you truly love people.

Translation: 'I love people'

2. Medical workers express inner crisis differently than normal people.

1. Normal medical student problems

Are there any medical workers among our readers? Have you had any funny things happen at work? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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