15 Hilarious Snapchats From the Morning After

According to recent research conducted by Unlimited Historical Data, 11 AM on a Sunday is the most "hungover" time of the week. Surprisingly, for many people, the best way to deal with the suffering caused by this condition is to send hilarious Snapchats to their friends. And if they seem to be a bit embarrassing, don't worry – at least these people have some cool stories to share.

We at Bright Side found 15 awkwardly funny Snapchats sent by people who definitely had a rough night. Check them out to see if you'll ever want to drink alcohol ever again!

15. When you're not ready to meet the love of your life:

14. There's no excuse to skip your usual morning yoga.

13. When you're still not sure about your new acquaintance:

12. A hangover is a perfect time to reveal your inner princess.

11. When you try to be a fun and easy-going friend but something goes wrong:

10. When you have bigger problems to deal with:

9. Really, why?

8. When your love for the world ruins your makeup:

7. It's time to realize you aren't a baby anymore...

6. Well, at least it was fun.

5. Hangover makeover

4. But you can still have a nice breakfast!

3. When there's nothing holding you back:

2. Even food can't make you happy...

1. The fun should never end.

Do you have your own special tips on how to deal with a hangover? Share them with us in the comments!

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