15 Hilarious Street Posters That Will Make Every Passerby’s Day

Certain people use their creativity to bring a moment of joy into other people's lives. Sometimes we walk down the streets thinking about something in our own little world, and the best thing that can attract our attention and make our day is noticing a really cool poster.

We at Bright Side collected the most amazing street posters that will definitely make you smile.

About sincerity

That's how a boy becomes a man.

Pickup master

Well, maybe. How did you know that?

The nicest service

Mm, not really, thanks.

The cat who found itself

"Can I get a reward?"

Family member

It probably lost its way home.

Just a kitten

We can't imagine the kind of pets this guy has at home.

Another half

Please, let's start the search operation right now! They need our help.

Time loop

Just looking at it makes me nauseous. Won't try capturing. Thanks for the warning!

Talented artist

The more you read, the better it becomes.

Schrodinger's cat

Isn't it both lost and found?

Pigeon invasion

Such a sophisticated observation.

An addict

Let's help the kitten get rid of this bad habit.


Such a unique approach.

Captain Obvious

Nice to meet you, Dog.

Lost in Wonderland

There are just 2 options: either you are a little princess or...better call that number.

We're sure you've seen such posters yourself. Share them with us in the comments!

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