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15 Hilarious Times Logic Escaped Our World (and Now It May Escape Yours)

Sometimes you see photos that make you question the very existence of logic and sanity in our world. It might be a sugarless Coke Zero that costs more because it contains sugar, or it might be a horse in a restaurant trying to treat itself to a burger.

We at Bright Side have found 15 photos like this, so you can question the world around you.

1. Bob the Destroyer

2. Oh, hi.

3. Who needs castles nowadays?

4. Really, why?

5. Just the swimsuit I was looking for.

6. The first time I’ve ever wished I was a stormtrooper.

7. I think we just got the coolest pet ever.

8. And I thought it was a piano.

9. Just enjoying the weather while watching TV

10. The dog is fine.

11. He’s gonna be alright.

12. She’s living her best life.

13. It just wants a burger and a milkshake.

14. This poor guy isn’t feeling his best.

15. This headphone doesn’t look very comfortable to use.

If you have similar photos that make you doubt the sanity of our world, please share them in the comments down below.

Preview photo credit doorabl / reddit
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