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15 Images That Show Teachers Also Have a Sense of Humor

We at Bright Side just love getting all nostalgic from time to time, especially when it concerns our school days. Those innocent years were made memorable thanks to our teachers. To the ones who found the perfect way to explain a difficult concept and who had no problem making fun of themselves — this post is dedicated to you!

Best. Teacher. Ever.

The hardest question ever devised for those who skip class.

How a music teacher cheers up his class.

How to make sure your students pay attention.

The School of Life in action.

The 1970s: a teacher tries to explain physics using the example of surfing.

When a teacher got sick of his students borrowing his pencils and never giving them back, he did this.

A teacher who's not afraid to experiment with his style.

What happens when your chemistry teacher is a big fan of Lady Gaga.

They give him energy.

A unique award from a math teacher.

How to connect with students during a chemistry lecture.

The scientific method explained using memes. Genius!

This guy doesn't miss a thing.

How to pass a test when you don't know anything.

Appreciate your teachers!

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