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15 Inventions That Can Solve the Annoying Little Problems in Your Life

Does it annoy you when someone creeps up on you quietly from behind while you are sitting at your desk at work? You are probably also familiar with that awkward silence over a cup of tea when you don't know what to talk about with your lunch partner. There are many annoying and awkward things that can test our patience but fortunately the solutions to these issues have already been created.

Bright Side collected 15 not-so-necessary but extremely pleasant things that everyone will love.

15. No more agonizing over the choosing process.

14. Mini sauces for pizza in a special holder. Could there be anything better?

13. Thanks to this star, a child won't mix up their left and right shoes again.

12. A round pizza box. Someone has finally done it!

11. Now you'll never be surprised by your boss.

10. Time flies in this elevator.

9. Chopsticks and a fork: 2 in 1

8. A special drawing board was hung in this toilet for those who like to draw on doors and walls.

7. This coffee house offers spaghetti instead of plastic straws.

6. Someone braided the grass so that the kids could slide unbothered.

5. How my coworkers keep track of how fresh the coffee is:

4. This oatmeal has dinosaur eggs that hatch while cooking. It seems to be the only way to make your kid eat oatmeal.

3. These teabags have conversation topics written on them.

2. This hotel has installed a TV set right inside the mirror.

1. Mini onion chopper and garlic press: 2 in 1

Which of these inventions did you like the most? Please let us know in the comments!

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