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15 Inventive People Who Deserve a Standing Ovation

Our world is full of ingenious people. No, we’re not talking about prominent personalities with scientific degrees and awards, we’re about ordinary people. Those who can deal with any problem with the help of their wit and duct tape. These people would easily colonize Mars if they could only be trusted with this responsibility.

Bright Side found 15 people who have made their circumstances work for them.

1. It was free drink day at Burger King, if you brought your own cup.

2. This broken cutting board got repurposed.

3. Maybe she should apply.

4. Blackout? It’s time for candles.

5. Riding mower

6. We never knew what this hole was for, until now.

7. Mirror, mirror...

8. I changed my mind, I’d rather have low-tops.

9. No one needs swans anymore.

10. Desperate times require desperate measures.

11. Meanwhile, this person is living in 3018.

12. Isn’t this ingenious?

13. Nothing can ruin this party.

14. When you know how to prevent gravity:

15. Everything ingenious is simple.

Do you have some out-of-the-box ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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