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15 Jobs That Can Make You Irresistible to the Opposite Sex

Tinder recently published a list of the most swiped-right jobs for male and female users. It looks like people pay attention and are attracted to other people with certain careers. Some of the listings are pretty unexpected for both sexes.

Bright Side selected the most desirable professions for men and women, and it was a surprise that being a model was not one of them.

1. Nurse

Everyone wants someone to take care of them and be by their side, for better or for worse. And nurses truly do that on a daily basis, as their job. Taking good care of people reveals your softer, compassionate side, and who doesn’t want their partner to be like that.

2. Policeman/policewoman

There is a reason why there are so many successful police-related TV series, people love them and their characters. Women want someone to protect them, and men on the other hand like women who take action.

3. Dentist

A bright smile makes everyone more attractive, that’s for sure. The fact that someone will take good care of you and make your teeth sparkle is probably the deal here. Plus, the hot dentist Jennifer Aniston played in Horrible Bosses, probably also has something to do with it.

4. Lawyer

It’s hard — even impossible — to find a lawyer who’s not confident. These people have charisma and a way with words, it’s their job after all, and they know it. More than that, the serious dress code for both men and women, the high salaries, and the air of independence make them even more charming.

5. Teacher

It’s always fun to learn something new, especially when there’s someone to teach it to you. The lecturing part, along with the fact that probably everyone had a crush on one of their professors as a student in high school or college, makes teachers desirable.

6. Flight attendant

They are there to help you when no one else will or when no one knows how. That is probably what makes flight attendants irresistible to the opposite sex. Also, according to every airline’s standards, their employers have to always look well-groomed and polished, which means that they always look their best.

7. Journalist

Journalists, like lawyers, have a way with words. They know how to present themselves and definitely know how to tell a good story. Men and women who can captivate your mind with their words, can certainly captivate your heart as well.

8. Actor/actress

The Hollywood industry is so vast that there’s a great possibility you’ll meet someone who will star in the next blockbuster movie. Fame is the catch when it comes to acting — imagine being able to say “I dated that guy or girl” when watching a movie with your friends. That would really be something.

9. Entrepreneur/CEO

It’s clear why someone might be attracted to a CEO or entrepreneur. Those people have gone from zero to millions most of the time, and that’s something to admire indeed. These are people who achieve their goals by being intelligent, passionate, and self-evolved. And that’s definitely a catch!

10. Architect

Being an architect requires both intelligence and creativity. Architects are talented individuals who are able to imagine and build something beautiful from scratch, which is actually pretty similar to a relationship. We get why this one is part of the list.

11. Chef

Some say “love comes from the heart, but passes through the stomach,” and they might be right. Everyone loves a good meal and especially when it’s being made by the hands of their significant other. Plus, cooking for someone else means that you care for them and want to see them happy.

12. Personal trainer

There is no one who doesn’t appreciate a healthy and beautiful body. Especially when you have the chance to achieve your personal training goals with your boyfriend or girlfriend showing you the right way to do it. That’s the best deal.

13. Psychologist

We can totally understand the attractiveness of this one. Those people are good listeners — it’s their job. Women surely appreciate a good listener and for men, on the other hand, who may have trouble opening up, dating a therapist might be the easy way out.

14. Photographer

Photographers are always looking for a “subject” of interest and their lover is no exception. Imagine having someone who wants to capture the very best side of you. We are sure that this is the main reason why photographers are so successful in the dating field.

15. Pilot

This one is a no brainer because these people are a rare find. Just being able to fly a plane from one side of the ocean to the other makes their job super exciting. Add to that all the traveling and prestige of doing something very few people are able to do, and it’s clear why pilots are so desirable.

Did you find your job on the list? Tell us in the comments about which professions attract you the most and which ones you’d fall for right away.