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15 Kings of Failure Who Know Everything About Being Unlucky

When you can’t do something, remember that you are not alone. Absolutely every person has their own failures. Look at these guys: they have enough problems, and to think you wanted to be in their place.

Bright Side feels compassion for these people, but we can’t help but show them to you. All problems can be solved, all you need is faith in yourself.

1. Swedish political debate accidentally ran a children’s show’s subtitles. This guy has our vote!

“I will build the best sand castle in the galaxy”.

2. This is Humphrey, our foster dog who failed his sheep dog training because he just wanted to be friends with the sheep.

3. “I put cement on the road. Two hours later, my daughter fell into it.”

4. “Just came back from the vet. My dog twisted his tail because he was wagging it to much.”

5. You can run away from your dad but not from his remote control helicopter.

6. Now you know what happens if you get stuck in an escalator.

7. We wonder how much the logo design cost.

8. “My wife is amazing in the kitchen, but today’s cheesecake didn’t go as planned.”

9. When you don’t even know what the problem is:

10. When you are too excited about opening a new mouse.

11. Never, ever leave gummies in the car.

12. A story of disappointment in three pictures.

13. “Spent half the day at work with my underwear like this. Don’t ask me how.”

14. The curse of the left-handed...

15. When your colleague is an idiot

Are you able to accept failures easily and positively? Or do failures cause you pain? Tell us in the comment section below!

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