15 Lazybones Who Prove There’s a Fine Line Between Genius and Madness

It’s said that laziness is something that makes progress happen. Despite lazy people’s methods looking awkward and absurd, they’re still the result of creative thinking and great imagination.

Bright Side never looks for the easy way out, so we truly respect and admire the extraordinary ideas and boldness of those who challenge everyday, boring things.

15. “My cousin hates decorating.”

14. What a perfect idea if both your hands are busy!

13. It’s said that such a fire will burn for 14 hours.

12. For those who hate washing dishes:

11. An engineering masterpiece spotted in a parking lot...

10. “It’s been like this for 5 days — laziness level: college student.”

9. “My friend just took lazy to a new level.”

8. A lazy and cheap option

7. They used everything they had...

6. Did they simply feel lazy or did they just fail to open the packaging?

5. Another driver who thinks outside the box

4. Modern technology is always there to help if you don’t want to constantly watch the eggs.

3. “My cousin is a genius...”

2. That’s how you should do it!

1. A good way to sweep the floor

Have you ever faced any absurd ideas that actually worked?

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