15 Moms and Dads Who Show What It Means to Be a True Parent

Parents are closer to us than anyone else in the world. They’ll do anything for us no matter what problems we have. Even if we’re far away from them, they always know how to comfort and help us.

Bright Side is about to show you 15 pictures of moms and dads who prove that parents’ love is truly boundless and they’ll love us to the moon and back.

When you’d do anything for your daughter:

This mother spent days and nights sewing her daughter a Halloween costume!

A single mom dressed up as a dad so that she could accompany her son to the “Dads and Doughnuts Day” at school.

This dad got a tattoo of a cochlear implant so his daughter wouldn’t feel different.

Moms are amazing!

Here’s how you can keep a baby calm for a photoshoot:

A single father-of-4 threw a Star Wars-themed princess party!

This mom supports her son’s gaming.

This dad was really serious about preparing for Halloween.

Go ahead, make yourself comfortable...

This dad’s sense of overprotectiveness is a little beyond the limit...

“First driving lesson with Dad”

“My mom made my siblings and I blankets made out of my dad’s T-shirts soon after he passed away.”

A mom helping her kids beat a hard level in Super Mario Land

This mother cares about other passengers.

How often do you chat with your mom or dad? If you haven’t called your parents in a while, we believe it’s time to do so! Don’t forget to tell them how much you love them.

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