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15 Nostalgic Photos That Will Take You Back to Your Childhood

Childhood in the ’90s was bright and unique because back then, children could play outside with their friends and then come home and play computer games. Endless hours could be spent playing Petz, Tamagotchi, and Lego and these things really made children happy.

We at Bright Side decided to remember those great times and share them with you.

1. It wasn’t very convenient but it was super cool!

2. Everyone wanted this talking toy:

3. Every girl dreamed of having such a bag:

4. Do you remember that scary drum sound?

5. We didn’t understand all the jokes when we were kids but it was still funny.

6. Way before all the streaming services we have now.

7. We wanted to have the entire collection!

8. Every girl imagined herself as one of the Sailor Moon warriors!

9. Chilly Willy and his pancakes

10. We used to build forts.

11. And the railway toy was so much fun!

12. We had a very limited number of attempts at taking photos and it was always a big surprise to see the results!

13. Everyone wanted to have a crime-solving dog.

14. This is still one of the best movies ever made:

15. And this was what we had to do to create ankle socks! Just imagine the struggle!

What do you remember the most from that time? Share your impressions and memories in the comments section below.

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