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15 People That Found Themselves Trapped by Technology

Sometimes it seems that technological progress is just amazing. But in some situations things just aren’t that pleasant: like when mobile carriers require us to pay money to avoid useless subscriptions or when a robot vacuum cleaner gets blocked by something or when your “unlimited” internet data ends at the worst time.

Internet users try to stay on the positive side when they have to deal with these situations. And we at Bright Side want to tell you about the problems we experience most often.

I got a push notification, “The robot is blocked.” It turns out it got blocked by a hoop.

“A notification from my mobile carrier looks like extortion: If I don’t want any random subscriptions, I have to pay money!”

How to make you happy and disappointed with just one notification:

Wow, so generous!

“I installed an app that limits the screen time on my child’s tablet and decided to read the reviews.”

When the high-tech part works only one way:

“I wanted to help, so I suggested they install remote access software. This result was unexpected.”

There are still some strong people that can tolerate the pop-ups.

The best things have already been invented.

Support operators read our minds.

It is hard to stay anonymous on the internet, even if you really try,

When they know everything about you:

Some people are really tired of all the giveaways.

When you can’t stand spammers anymore:

“Had a baby 3 weeks ago and bought these. ‘Pump anywhere,’ they said. ‘It’s whisper-quiet, nobody will know you’re pumping at all,’ they said...”

Which technological problems of the 21st century make you angry?

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