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15 People Who Know Exactly What It Means to Be Unique

The people from this article have some small but unusual things about their appearance that they got as a result of a genetic mutation. Some have different-colored mustaches or eyebrows, and others have very flexible hands and fingers. And they are happy to share their photos with the world.

The Bright Side team is going to introduce you to people whose middle name is unique.

“My niece snapped a tendon in her thumb as an infant and has never been able to bend it. It’s completely wrinkle-free.”

“My neck skin is stretchy enough to allow me to suck on it with no hands.”

“My genetically pushed back knuckles on my left hand.”

“Who else has white facial hair?”

“My iris has a birth defect that causes it to look like it’s drooping out of my eye.”

“My fingers lose circulation when I get cold.”

“Her birthmark created awesome highlights.”

“It’s totally normal to grow eyelashes all the way around your eye right?”

“My very flexible hand”

“Macro shot of my blue and brown eye”

Vitiligo effecting one side of this man’s face

“I was born with syndactyly, which basically fused 2 of my toes together on both feet.”

“I started going gray at a very young age and I would dye it black because I was embarrassed. I have decided to embrace my grays by letting my hair grow.”

“I was born with naturally pointed ears.”

“I was born with 4 fingers on my left hand.”

Bonus: “Discovered today that my fake front tooth doesn’t glow under the black light.”

We are sure that every person is unique. What is special about you?

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