15 People Who Trolled the World So Impressively We Couldn’t Forget It

We’re sure that our life isn’t dull and gray. In fact, it’s colorful and bright and the heroes of today’s article can easily prove it. For example, a granny-prankster, a photogenic Easter bunny, and many other clever jokes.

Bright Side wants to share 15 photos that prove that there are many people with an incredible sense of humor.

Funny car tuning

“Our magazine does a swimsuit issue once a year featuring models who submit applications online. We had a new submission this year that really caught our eye.”

“Waiting for my doctor’s appointment when suddenly...”

Did that prankster get a discount?

“I played the Easter Bunny at an event. They had a professional photographer that was taking photos of the guests. The photographer asked if I would like to pose too. Now I have the greatest photo ever.”

“My grandma made these outfits for my mom and her sisters in 1972.”

Safety first

“My friend got a convertible and this is the only hat he wears in it.”

Who said older people are serious?

“My granny’s eyesight is getting worse and she loves playing board games. My aunt had bought her these massive cards so that she can still play. They may be hard to hold but it’s worth it.”

Nowadays, we can rate everything.

“I put vanilla pudding in a mayonnaise jar. My kids were horrified as I ate it while watching them open their Easter presents.”

“My mom sent this to me for Easter. I love her.”

“My office held an Easter Egg decorating contest. I’m not artistically inclined...”

He rocks.

Bonus: If guys acted like girls on Instagram:

Do you think you have a good sense of humor?

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