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15+ Photos From Old Albums That People Want to Both Forget About and Show to Everyone

Old photos are the best way to go back to the past for a while. However, not only do old photo albums consist of sweet and nostalgic photos, but they also have pics that people might be ashamed to show to their friends. And it’s these photos that we usually want to look at over and over again because they can improve our mood perfectly.

Thanks to the characters of this article who didn’t feel shy about sharing their pics with the world, we at Bright Side got a burning desire to look through our old photo archives.

“I happened to be at my parents’ wedding. It seemed that
2 more stomps on my charming heels would get all the men at my feet.”

“I didn’t have a cellphone as a teen so I took a picture of myself using a calculator as a phone.”

“Tried to smile, and channeled Jim Carrey instead.”

“My mom told me to not blink during my 2nd grade class picture.”

“When I was 3 years old, my mom had to pay me to smile for the photographer. Here I am after extorting her for one dollar.”

“My dad with me when he spent a year teaching in the Arctic. ”

Those eyes are hiding a sly plan to conquer the world.

“In 1991, my Alabama school photo featured me bursting through a paper wall, on a skateboard with no back wheel, sporting what some might call a mullet.”

“I thought I was being sly and getting out of the picture.”

“My wife’s parents were cleaning out the house and found this picture. Goth phase 2003...”

“My dad took my brother and I skiing (1991). My brother can be seen crying in the background because we got an RC Cola from the vending machine instead of a 7UP.”

“My friend’s mom made this for him, circa 1986.”

“This was around ‘86, and it was the last time I let my sister do my hair.”

“Early 2000’s glam”

“Me in middle school thinking I was so cool”

“My photo from 1st grade”

“I made ‘wooden armor’ for my arms on a camping trip once, and it fits me better than my actual clothes did.”

Apparently there were no barbershops at that time...

“Thanks, mom, for giving zero cares about matching of prints in my outfit.”

Please show us your old photos that are difficult to look at without making you smile!

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