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15+ Photos Showing That Kindness Is in the Little Things

Psychologists claim that looking through kind and happy photos is a more effective way of relaxing than drinking wine or eating chocolate. Such pictures provide a sense of comfort and help decrease stress.

We at Bright Side prepared a selection of photos that are full of tenderness. These touching pics remind us how caring people (and not only people) can be.

"Our boxer made a new friend today."

"The Central Valley High School girls X-Country team brought a “secret sister” gift for the bus driver."

Helping her best friend

"Kindness in animals is compelling."

This lollipop lady got chocolate from a stranger to celebrate her important job:

"My son turns 7 y.o. in September. He told me this was the only gift he wanted from me."

"We organized Afternoon Tea to reunite these old friends who could no longer walk to see each other in the village."

"Trubble & I surprise visiting my father who fell last night."

The shop owner giving a gift to the lady who walks past her shop every day:

"I got to my car yesterday after work and found this on my mirror."

"Went to Ireland for 10 days and brought my old pup back a sheep so he would forgive me for leaving him."

"She was asking for high fives from everyone who walked by."

"Our beautiful volunteer cuddling sick kitties."

"Just 2 months after turning 3 y.o., my daughter got her first haircut. It was enough to donate to Locks of Love."

"A police officer volunteering at our local shelter"

Just a girl helping a dog drink from a fountain in the park

This guy's favorite superheroes came to his hospital to cheer him up:

Have you recently spotted any random acts of kindness that made your heart melt? Feel free to share your photos and stories in comments!

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