15 Photos Showing the Struggles That Hide Behind a Terrific Shot

We all know that it’s better to not trust the internet. Everyone tries to show the best moments of their lives, but no one is eager to reveal what hides behind those perfect pictures we post on social media.

Bright Side got an opportunity to go “behind the scenes” and wants to show you that the results differ from the process drastically. Enjoy!

This awkward moment...

Still don’t have a selfie stick? No problem, bro!

An alluring body

The friend on the terrace is the friend who’ll embarrass.

Those simple photos might’ve been taken under really risky circumstances.

Professional photographer tricks

“This is how I travel.”

Someone: How single are you?

The power of time

To take a cool picture, sometimes 3 people are needed.

Single? No problem!

Pensive mood

No rain? Make it yourself!

A romantic dinner with myself

“Traveling with my girlfriend.”

Bonus: Loving each other

Have you ever tricked your followers and friends with staged photos like these?

Preview photo credit nategawd/ twitter
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