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15 Photos That Made Our Hearts Beat Like a Drum

Some things have the power to immediately make you nervous. Like the sight of a spider-like shadow on a surface or a TV defying gravity on a wardrobe’s slope.

Bright Side created a compilation of photos that perfectly illustrate a few situations that can have your heart beating out of your chest.

1. The true definition of living life on the edge

2. Hug the wall like it’s your best friend.

3. “Yeah, that’ll hold just fine...”

4. The escape room you never asked to be in

5. “My wife left the gloves to dry and I almost had a heart attack.”

6. One mistake and it’s over...

7. Waves in the North Sea

8. There’s no good explanation for why that’s there.

9. Unfortunate placement of cardboard and a shoe

10. Watch it fall.

11. Inception even Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t want

12. “The sun created a scary-looking shadow on my lamp shade.”

13. “I left my boots at the back door. When I was walking back outside, I nearly had a heart attack.”

14. Stress level: extreme

15. “I just outran a massive dust storm over Phoenix in a helicopter.”

Which of these things would get your heart racing the most? Do you have any photos of other stressful situations or scary coincidences? Share them and your thoughts with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit gowasugay / Imgur