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15+ Photos That Make Us Doubt Everything

We are pretty sure we know enough, or even everything, about the things we see or use very often. We assume a lot about how they are made, how they work, or what they look like. For example, we all know that bananas are yellow. Sometimes, however, life manages to surprise us.

Bright Side has found some photos that can make you question everything you’ve ever thought you knew well. At the end of the article, there is a picture that proves you can’t even trust your own parents!

1. “This is how brick streets are laid in the Netherlands.”

2. The hole in this ice cream equals a hole in my heart:

3. “This is how Brussels sprouts actually grow.”

4. This 6-volt battery is made of smaller batteries:

5. Bread is confusing.

6. Potatoes come in all kinds of shapes!

7. “The inside of a snap bracelet is just a part of a really long tape measure.”

8. “Good guy die manufacturer: Puts die in your die so when your die dies you have a new die.”

9. “I ripped up my old phone case and found out that it’s made out of a Macau beer mat.”

10. This one’s really sad...

11. “This Bic lighter has a smaller Bic lighter inside of it.”

12. How dare they!

13. This is how potato trucks are unloaded:

14. When the label has a split personality and you don`t know which one to trust:

15. This is how window washers reach the third floor:

16. Bananas can be blue...

...and red!

17. Pineapples can also be red!

Bonus: “This is why my kids have trust issues.”

Which point surprised you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit themoistdonut / reddit
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