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15 Photos That Reveal the Whole Truth About Online Shopping

Online shopping has a lot of advantages: you don’t need to leave the house to buy things, there’s a wide range of goods, and the prices are rather attractive as well. But the things you buy this way can be really different from their photos.

Bright Side gathered some convincing examples showing that shopping online can be full of surprises. As a bonus, you’ll see photos proving that even the weirdest things can find their own customers.

1. Chinese fashion as it is.

2. Wait a minute! These sneakers cost $750.

3. The print is ALMOST the same as in the picture.

4. It seems I didn’t know something about cats.

5. I bought some tights for Halloween.

6. Well, it’s one more reason to lose weight.

7. Ready for the red carpet!

8. It seems that even artificial Christmas trees shed needles.

9. She just wanted to look sexy.

10. How sellers from online shops suffer from gigantomania.

11. Delicately pink...or a floor rag?

12. I ordered a jigsaw puzzle, and it was already put together.

13. Go-home-’cause-you’re-too-drunk cape

14. Ariel’s miserable life

15. That’s why you shouldn’t order a dress for a graduation party online.

Bonus: Sometimes even the weirdest things can find an owner.

One of the satisfied buyers left feedback: "Messed about in this mask for half of the morning. Got fired. But the mask is awesome."

Preview photo credit Anna Fuzzana Ridduan, Alyssa Donovan
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