15+ Photos That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat or Two

Your mouth suddenly feels like a desert, your heart starts beating faster and faster, your skin is crawling, your hands become cold and wet, and your entire body is trembling... This is how the heroes of this article felt when they faced the things you’re about to see below. So let’s find out together what exactly scared them so much.

We at Bright Side are so sure that our readers are not faint-hearted, that we chose the 16 most startling photos that will tickle your nerves and probably make you feel a little goose bumpy.

16. “I walked by the washer in the middle of the night and saw this T-shirt.”

15. “My wife wished me goodnight with a shadow bunny.”

14. A burger up there? No thanks!

13. Always check before putting on a pair of gloves.

12. “There’s Pennywise on my carpet.”

11. When you’ve suddenly got an unusual opponent:

10. Who said that babies are little angels?

9. Looks like a scene from a horror movie? Nope, this is just the rose print on my new sheets.

8. It’s watching you!

7. This is just a door crack.

6. When you’re at home and you suddenly look out the window:

5. “This restroom I walked in has a mannequin in the tub to prevent people from peeing in it.”

4. When you don’t feel like yourself anymore:

3. Some regular rubber gloves accidentally opened the gate of hell.

2. “I came home to these parcels neatly placed inside by my front door... I live alone.”

1. Just another normal night in Australia

Have you ever come across anything like this, that made your heart skip a beat? We’re eager to hear your scary stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit immicornes / twitter
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