15 Photos You Need to Look at Twice

Sometimes you can’t trust your eyes. For example, when looking at these pictures, which were taken at just the right moment.

Bright Side has found some funny photos you need to look at...and then squint and look at again.

The water is so clear it warrants a double take.

An unexpected surprise in a dentist's office.

The joke of perspective: the dog looks like a huge monster.

A shadow of Fred Flintstone?

We’ve checked this out 3 times and are still in horror.

A more peaceful option if, of course, you aren’t afraid of slugs.

Eye shadow can transform. Or distort

Take a closer look at this girl's hairdo.

Just a fun optical illusion in Paris.

How do we unsee this now?

This looks dangerous at first, but it’s actually a toy railway.

Just an illusion made with hex keys.

Hopefully no one will dive in there.

This is a mirror, not a painting.

Not at all sure what's going on here.


Ekaterina Poleshchuk

You aren't mistaken here: this is definitely jealousy, which is very difficult to conceal ;-)

Preview photo credit GallowBoob/reddit, acidcow
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