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15 Reminders That the World Is Filled to the Brim With Love

Ancient Greeks had 6 different words for different kinds of love. This included the romantic feeling of love, but also familial love, love between friends, self-love, and love to humanity as a whole. So it’s no wonder that love is all you need, according to The Beatles, and it applies to every creature on Earth.


Bright Side collected 15 photos to warm you up on the coldest days, so grab some comfort food and take a seat around our bonfire.

1. After the mama swan died, the papa swan took care of his babies.

2. “My father gave me this guitar. Hopefully, my son will play it someday too.”

3. “15 years later, still best friends”


4. “My dog protecting her last batch of foster kittens”

5. “Can’t tell if Major is eyeing the Dory plush, or if he just loves sitting next to his tiny human.”

6. “I married my best friend today!”


7. “Marshmallow showed up on my mom’s doorstep crying, no mama cat anywhere. I volunteered to give her a forever home.”

8. “My mom’s doggo doing a protect on his small friend”

9. “I know how annoying these ‘oh, look, I totally fell asleep posing like this’ posts are, but I actually fell asleep, and I like this picture.”


10. “I drove 13 hours to surprise my best friend at their graduation. We never met before this.”

11. “Met her when I was 11, my first girlfriend, my first love, my first kiss, and now, my wife.”

12. “Don’t worry, little floof, I shall keep you safe.”


13. “My dad passed away yesterday. Fortunately, he was able to meet my son before he left.”

14. “Our son, Theo, was born this week, and his brother and sister are proud.”

15. “My girls: left was in June, right was this morning.”

What pics melted your heart the most? And what are your stories that bring on that fuzzy feeling inside?