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15+ Pictures That Leave Us Confused About Whether They Are Silly or Genius

Now that cameras are ever-present, photographs of ordinary people going about their daily lives have become bountiful. While most of them might show ordinary situations, some of them capture the work of comic geniuses.

Bright Side has curated a new list of pictures that will leave you rolling in the aisles thinking about their ingenuity.

1. Engineers: “So do you want a car or a motorcycle?” Audi: “Yes.”

2. Rare Unicorn shoes!

3. Trying to help passengers make it through their long and boring commute!!

4. Part of a balanced breakfast...

5. Beer binoculars

6. The devil is working hard but those little hairs are working harder.

7. Even farmers need a nice Tinder profile picture.

8. An ingenious repurposing of a women’s undergarment makes for an unusual planter.

9. I’m a skateboard fan.

10. And I’m a surfboard fan...

11. So good you really can’t let go...

12. Boiler pot hot tub

13. Looks like someone wanted to be a sculptor, not a butcher.

14. Page not found

15. Today my mom laughed for 30 minutes about this!!!

16. I bought a car today, and the dealership had me check off — with a pen, on paper — that I’m not a robot.

Laughter is the best medicine. So, if you had a good time scrolling through the photographs, share it with your friends to lighten up their day. Also, let us know in the comments below which photograph you liked the most.

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