15+ Pictures That Show There Are Always 2 Types of People Around the World

It may be hard to believe, but whether you prefer coffee or tea can be determined by your genes, research says. People who are supersensitive to coffee’s bitterness actually drink more of it. But besides the scientific explanation, it’s fantastic to learn about the different habits or tastes we have because it’s these things that make us individuals.

We at Bright Side made a funny compilation for you that shows that there are always 2 types of people and opinions, and maybe these things will help you find out who you are.

1. People who love tropical weather and those who can’t stand it under the sun

2. People who adorn birthday cakes with many candles and those who pick candles shaped like numbers

3. People who always leave half an apple and those who leave only the stem

4. People who remove spam and those who keep it around

5. People who make a home office anywhere and those who need a special desk

6. People who wear a glove for baking and those who use it as a potholder

7. People who peel bananas from different ends

8. People who are either too hot or too cold on a plane

9. People who fold or scrunch toilet paper

10. People who write “7” with or without a line in the middle

11. People who make notes in a diary and those who draw something on a piece of paper during a meeting

12. People who eat chips from a bag and those who put them in a bowl

13. People who throw away plastic bags and those who keep them all

14. People who soak dishes after eating and those who don’t

15. People who have stickers on their laptops and those who prefer minimalism

16. People who are ready for a cab when it arrives and those who are in no rush at all

What other habits divide people into 2 categories? Are you a coffee person or a tea person?

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