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15 Powerful Pictures That Can Touch Even an Incorrigibly Cynical Person

Some pictures are worth a thousand words. Such photographs make people think about their lives and sometimes even motivate them to take action. The pictures in this article are exactly like this: they’ll touch your heart and really make you think about what you value!

Bright Side found 15 powerful pictures that tell a story and will impress even the most cynical person.

1. This cute animal is called a Vaquita and they live in the northern Gulf of California. There are only 12 of them left.

2. “I gave a girl in my Malagasy village a small Lego set. She came back and asked if what she made was OK.”

3. Pieces of the Moon and Mars in an Earthling’s hand

4. A single mother of 5 children managed to graduate from law school. “We did it!”

5. The last minutes of life of the world’s last male northern white rhino

6. Pro football player Don Jones took a teen with Down Syndrome to her prom.

7. A dog hugging its owner

8. Forgotten childhood

9. 58 years of progress

10. A man wearing a Mickey Mouse costume stopped to look at expensive cars.

11. “I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 14 years and finally got to photograph my own beautiful bride.”

12. “Our cow wasn’t feeling well last night. So my son went outside to spend time with her. I woke up in the morning and found this:”

13. “My mom was pregnant with me so she missed her senior prom. 18 years later, I took her to mine.”

14. “She brought all of her toys over so the mirror doggy could play with them.”

15. A Statue in Berlin of “Politicians Discussing Global Warming”

Which photograph did you like the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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