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15 Pranks That Could Psych Out Even the Calmest Ones

All of us love a good prank and we never miss the chance to pull one off. Everybody does it too: both friends and family and people we don’t even know. Our loved ones might gift us a T-shirt in an iPad box and someone we’ve never met might put Mr. Bean in the restroom to give us a good scare.

Bright Side enjoyed these 15 pranks that people shared online. But we aren’t so sure that the people who were pranked loved the experience.

15. How to mess with workers in tall office buildings:

14. Someone put Mr. Bean in the restroom to scare visitors.

13. “Came to work on my birthday.”

12. “So my parents thought that this would be funny this Christmas...”

11. “I replaced my friend’s fancy soap with a block of fancy cheese.”

10. “I guess this works too.”

9. “I made my girlfriend an Easter April Fool’s egg.”

8. When you have very good friends:

7. Someone just gave very good instructions.

6. “Just turn that ’E’ around so it spells MARSEILLE.”

5. Old man trolls people

4. “Just hurry up and put the directions on the door, boss!”

3. “My supervisor went to see Deadpool 2 over the weekend. I came into work today and found this.”

2. You’re just sitting with a friend eating a pizza and then...

1. This is how you win this competition!

How do you prank your friends?

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