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15 Rare Photos That Can Send Your Understanding of the World Crashing to the Ground

In our everyday routines, we can lose our understanding of how diverse our world is and how many amazing things it contains, from the wonders of nature to man-made creations. So don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the world you live in! And discovering things like Iceland’s geysers and checkered sheep is a great start.

At Bright Side, we’re sure that feelings of childlike wonder will come rushing back to you after reading this article.

1. These are asperitas clouds which are closely related to altostratus undulatus clouds.

2. This cat looks like the oldest cat in the world due to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

3. This cube with mirror walls is a room in a forest hotel in Sweden.

4. Lightning striking water

5. The colors of this starfish resemble burning coals.

6. A birch tree in Siberia

7. Balconies in Guizhou

8. Geyser Strokkur in Iceland a second before erupting

9. Earless monitor lizards look like living dragons.

10. Harvesting grapes on the volcanic craters of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands

11. A vertical 10-pound banknote, Ireland

12. This tree looks like a sleeping dinosaur.

13. “This very tiny frog I found by my pool today”

14. A car riding on a floating road through the mountains

15. This artificial child’s heart was developed by the Russian military plant, “Progress”. It allows a child to live before the transplantation.

Bonus: checkered sheep

Maxine Scott, a farmer from Scotland, created Tartan sheep. She claims that lambs are born white but their hair turns checkered with age. Then traditional kilts and blankets are made of it. These sheep are similar to regular ones, the only difference is that they love Irn-Bru soda and biscuits.

Of course, this is just a myth — in reality, she treats her sheep with a special dye. But even so, tourists love it!

Which of these photos and events impressed you the most?

Preview photo credit tummyandgummy / Instagram
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