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15 Reasons We Love Our Grandparents More and More Each Day

Grandparents never fail to amaze us. Some of them type recipes on an old typewriter to pass them on to their grandchildren while others hunt down Pokemon better than any teenager can. And they do everything with extreme sincerity and warmth. Let’s look at this compilation together as it warms our hearts.

Bright Side has collected 15 photos that will make you feel touched by your grandparents and remember how awesome they are.

15. “My 71-year-old grandfather and his cat, Stella. He calls this ’feline paralysis’ as he can’t move because of the cat.”

14. “This is how my granny keeps flour.”

13. “My grandpa just adopted his first cat at 90 years old. He named him Cat and he is very happy.”

12. “This is my great-grandmother. She survived the Holocaust and is turning 100 years old this weekend.”

11. “My grandmother broke her wrist. After it healed, the doctor advised her to use knitting for a faster recovery. So she made these and handed them out to the kids in the hospital.”

10. “My grandma got new reading glasses.”

9. “My 85-year-old physics teacher and his wife had a lightsaber fight.”

8. A granny and her long-awaited present

7. “My grandpa asked me to post this photo because the world should see how beautiful his Crepe Myrtle is.”

6. “Birthday gifts from my grandmother, about 30 years apart. She knows what video game I like the most.”

5. “My grandmother has dementia. This day she told Grandpa, ’I want to spend all day with my boyfriend.’ My grandpa asked, ’Who is that?’ She said, ’You.’ So he gave her overalls and took her to work with him on the farm.”

4. “My sister somehow got my grandfather on the carousel. Apparently, he is enjoying it.”

3. “My great-grandmother turned 100. She lives at home, reads without glasses and supplies the whole family with socks.”

2. As long as a granny is around, even pets won’t feel cold in winter.

1. The most touching message from a grandfather:

Please share your life stories along with photos of your grandparents. We would be glad to hear about them in the comments!

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