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15 Shopping Finds That Didn’t Quite Do the Trick

Shopping is nice and all, but sometimes it’s also hilarious because you can find rather amusing things on the shelves.

Bright Side collected 15 pictures of goods that surely made the customer’s day.

15. What kind of kid would be so happy in this pool?

14. How do pandas even fit in here?

13. The manufacturer tells it straight.

12. When the pressure under the sea is too high...

11. I just don’t get it.

10. That’s not how 24 hours work, you know.

9. I doubt if I’d use such masks.

8. What do I cover with this? My forehead?

7. A perfect buy for a first date.

6. Is it...meditating?

5. At least they’re honest.

4. Works perfectly.

3. You almost got it.

2. What’s wrong with the ordinary globe?

1. My friend ordered sneakers online from China.

Preview photo credit pikabu
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