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15 Sights That Are More Eye-Opening Than the Strongest Coffee

Empathy is defined as our capacity to understand what another person is experiencing. That is why other people’s photos can trigger strong emotions and make us almost feel what’s happening. These pics really made us say “Wow,” “Ummm,” “Ouch,” and even “Aaaah!”

Bright Side collected some goosebump generating images that will wake you up faster than a shot of espresso.

1. Girl jumping into an abyss

2. This glove that made me look twice

3. “These are frost flowers and they form on top of water when the air is very cold and dry.”

4. “Yes, those are bugs. Mayflies are visiting my hometown.”

5. “There’s a story here, but nobody knows what it is...”

6. “I saw an osprey with a baby shark in its talons today at the beach.”

7. Hitching a ride

8. The burn pattern left from a fallen electrical line

9. When you find a baby gecko in your salad:

10. “How on earth did this happen?”

11. When disaster strikes:

12. “Spotted in a vending machine in Japan. Yes, those are real fish in there.”

13. Kidney stone removed from the bladder

14. Covered in bees

15. This small red potato looks like an anatomical heart.

Which of these photos gave you the chills? Share your emotions in the comments!

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