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15 Stories About Crazy Relatives Nobody Would Like to Have

Relatives can be different. Some make you feel safe and you know that they are always there to help. And others make you feel exhausted, they take your money, and still think you are a bad person. And the closer the second group of relatives lives to you, the more destruction they cause.

These stories are about the relatives we would like to see as rarely as possible. We at Bright Side are sure that while you read about them, you will recognize the people you know, and maybe you won’t react to them like you did, because we all have our weaknesses. And in the bonus, you will see a story from one of these relatives who doesn’t even feel any shame for their behavior.

  • Yesterday after work, I picked up my wife and kids and we went to our cottage and to our sauna. It turned out that the fridge was half empty, even though we actually left some food the last time, and the sauna was pretty messy, but we always clean it. We thought that we had forgotten to do something the last time. And while we were enjoying the sauna, my cousin’s family and their friends come in and ask, “What are you doing here? Isn’t it a work day!” I exploded, used some very bad words, and then made them leave. Then I found out that 6 months ago, my wife gave them the keys to celebrate a birthday and they allegedly forgot to give the keys back. Last week, they were here and they ate half of the food in the fridge. I went and changed all of the locks. And they threatened to go to the police for all the insults I used against them. © al56.81 / Pikabu
  • My grandparents lived in a small town, in a small decrepit house. A whole neighborhood was being built in that area, and they were given land for construction. Not exactly in the same place but a little bit down the same street. More than 10 years later, when my grandparents died and I grew up, I decided to return there. I inherited the land, and I built a big house on this land. Several years later, my aunt comes to visit, looks around and says, “I’ll come to your place for the summer with my grandchildren.” I told her that I had a husband and 3 children and no room for her or her grandchildren. She could stay for a couple of days, but no more than that. My aunt fake-cried and said, “I can’t even live in my father’s house?” I took her to the empty land where the house she grew up in was, and said, “You can live here for as long as you want.” She doesn’t speak to me anymore. © BabulyaIra / Pikabu
  • My friend, who has been living in New York for the past 5 years, told me this story. Now, he is renting a room in a big apartment with 2 of his friends. His mother calls him and says:
    — Hi, dear. Your aunt called me. You saw her at Jimmy’s party 10 years ago. She and her family want to go to New York. You need to help them, greet them, and show them around. And they want to stay at your place for a week. So, tell the guys you live with to live somewhere else for 7 days.
    — Mom, I can’t do this. They are paying the rent for the place. If she wants to stay in NY, she can rent a hotel room. They can stay for a day but not for a week.
    40 minutes later, his aunt calls him and says that NY has spoiled him and he shouldn’t expect them to help him when he needs it. My friend thought that if he managed to survive without them for 26 years, he would probably be fine. © qreativnay / Pikabu

  • When I first got married, my mother-in-law used to call the house on Saturdays, very early in the morning. She knew very well that we slept late on Saturdays. She would call and ask me what I made for her son for breakfast or she would order me to get up and cook him breakfast. She would say things like, “His shirts don’t look clean.” This went on for a while. And I told my husband to please tell his mother to stop calling so early in the morning and to leave me alone. Despite that request, nothing happened!
    So, I decided to put an end to this nonsense. I packed my husband’s things up when he was at work. When I picked him up from work that day, I drove directly to his mother’s house. On the way there, my husband asked why we were going to his mother’s house, to see your mom, I replied. When we got there, I took the suitcase out of the trunk, walked into the house. I told her that if she thinks she can be a better wife to her son, then she can have him back. I dropped the suitcase and left. My husband was pissed (understatement) with me, but he talked to his mommy and these ridiculous calls stopped. © Rob Williams / Quora

  • My grandfather died this year. He has 2 grandchildren: me and my cousin. He left everything to her — which was about $5,000. I was a little bit sad, but I wasn’t angry with my cousin: it was my grandfather’s choice. So she came to our place and she tried to find out our financial situation by carefully questioning me. In the end, I said that we were going to pay off our mortgage ahead of schedule, but I decided to not tell her that we had sold our car to do this. Afterward she thought that my grandfather left more money to me and she got mad. I lied to her and I told her he had left me $8,000, she got really angry and left. I don’t regret that I lied to her. © 443Lyashkakonya / Pikabu

"Okay, so as much as my brother (right) and I (left) prayed that this picture would just disappear... My uncle brought it back from the depths of hell and made it his Facebook profile picture today..."

  • My brother asked to borrow my son's baby furniture. Since I lived in Texas and he lived in North Carolina, I paid the freight to ship this hand-carved furniture (very expensive) to my brother and his wife on loan. I explicitly conveyed that I wanted it back for my son and his children as a wedding gift to them. This was 24 years ago. At the time, the furniture in question cost me $2,400 for a mahogany carved bassinet, and matching dressing table and crib. The freight was rather expensive, I might add. Months later, my brother told me that they had lost the baby. I decided to wait a few months before asking them to return my furniture. By the time I did feel comfortable asking, I was shocked to learn that my brother's wife had SOLD my son's irreplaceable baby furniture at a yard sale "because she needed a vacation after losing the baby." © Wendy Marie Wortham / Quora

  • My husband and I live together with nobody else. When I started coming home early, I noticed that things were not where they used to be and that there was less food. I discovered the secret unexpectedly when I was sick one day and came home really early. So, I opened the door and saw my mother-in-law! She had made a copy of our keys and was snooping around our house while we weren't at home. I've heard many stories about mothers-in-law, but I think that mine is the winner. © Overheard / VK

  • Once, I broke my foot, which meant I had to depend on my husband and older son to help with the maintenance of the household. I called my mother-in-law a few days after my injury and told her what happened. I asked for her patience and consideration during her visit and also asked, just this once, that she help a little with the kids and that she clean up after herself a little. She told me that I expected too much out of both my son and my husband and that she thought I was being selfish. She didn’t wash a single dish or even bring her own dishes to the sink. She was not happy about the fact that I bought a birthday cake, instead of making one, that I bought jarred marinara sauce, instead of preparing it from scratch, or that my husband had to help me up and down the stairs and in and out of the car. I sustained all of her criticism with grace and dignity. 3 months later, she came back to Denver for my daughter's and other son’s birthdays. 2 days before her visit I received a text message from my father-in-law saying that his wife was experiencing terrible foot pain and asking if I could please show her extra love and attention while she was visiting? I was enraged and simply deleted his message. She sat on my couch for nearly 3 days, and moaned and complained. She threw a bad coffee at me, yelled at me, and told my architect (whom I had hired and paid for) to not listen to me. Her pain vanished as I was taking her to Union Station to catch a train to the airport. © Sarah Infante / Quora

  • I bought a very comfortable car with a great interior for myself and my family. In the summer, every weekend, I take my family to our cottage that is out of town, and I also take my wife's sister's family. It is not only that I pay for the gas, but they also take their cat with them now! He screams all the way, scratches everything, and I have to clean the mess up after him! When I told them to carry the cat in a special bag, they were angry. The next time they took a bus, realized how hard it was, and finally got a bag. Now, every time they get out of my car, they act like they are doing me a favor. © superomsk / Pikabu

  • When I was 22, my extended family: aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. began asking me why I wasn't married yet. I spent my childhood and early 20s in a fairly conservative North Indian state. People in those areas tend to be deeply misogynistic and the only way a woman has any value in their eyes is if she's attached to a man. Her own accomplishments, talents, etc. are of no consequence. My weight loss seemed to cause my relatives to think that the only reason I had lost weight was so I could land a husband. My aunt was friends with a "matchmaker." She showed my aunt a picture of some guy in his late 20s who also "had a great job and was from a respectable family." Let's call this guy Ajay. Keep in mind that neither I, nor my dad, had any inkling of what was going on. One afternoon, I think it was a Sunday, my aunt came over when I wasn't home. She told my dad to "get his daughter dressed up and looking pretty" because she had promised me to a guy and his parents were coming over to see me that very evening. The tone in which she spoke made it sound like she had done me and my dad a big favor. My dad told her he would have to speak to me first and whether the guy's parents can come over or not depends on what I have to say about this. When I came home, I was quite rude to her about this situation. She looked shocked and asked how I could say such a thing after all the trouble she's been through in order to find "such a wonderful young man" for me. The aunt left, but it didn't end there. My grandmother, in order to emotionally blackmail my dad into agreeing to the match, with or without my consent, stopped eating. Since she was diabetic, her health began to deteriorate. It was only after I told my aunt that I wouldn't agree to an arranged marriage, did she and my grandmother stop this show. © shygirlturnedsassy / Reddit
  • My brother and his wife came to my place for a couple of weeks. I work 24 hours and then I have 3 days off, so they stayed in my apartment alone a few times. Before they left, we decided to sit and talk. This made my brother's wife confess that she had read the diaries she found in the cabinet. I've been writing them since I was 11, now I'm 25 and these pages have everything about my life. They contain so many secrets that I'm sick just thinking that someone else knows about them. © Overheard / Vk
  • My wife's aunt and her son asked us to let them live at our place for a little while. We agreed and told them to make themselves comfortable and that they could take anything from our fridge. During the whole week they spent with us, we fed them, and she never bought anything for her son, except for yogurt. After work, I saw a pack of yogurt in the fridge (there were 5 of them) and I wanted one, so I took it and ate it. The aunt got mad because I had taken her food. But when I said that she couldn't take anything from our fridge anymore, she said, "Why not? I can't take your food? Go and buy us some yogurt." I had to ask them to leave. My wife was away, but when she came back, she supported me. © ktoTOneJA / Pikabu

Bonus: "I'm the annoying relative."

When I was about 10 years old, I was staying at my aunt's parents. Her mother, who looked very polite, kept giving me cookies, soup, nuts, berries to eat. I always loved eating, so I never really refused and I loved my stay there. And when we were going to go home, this woman told me, "When your brother came, he seemed to be very modest. He didn't take anything. And you ate everything I offered you. You can't be like this, you are a girl!" This is how I learned that when someone offers you something just to be polite, you have to refuse, because you are polite. But I never refuse. © KAGONEI / Pikabu

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