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15 Striking Photobombs That Turned Life Into a Real Drama

It seems like photobombs can never actually ruin a picture. They are the icing on the cake. If you just want to take an ordinary selfie, don`t worry — there`ll certainly be someone in the background who will add a twist to your photo!

Bright Side has found some photos where unexpected guests really managed to change the whole mood!

1. “He didn’t choose the filter life, the filter life chose him.”

2. “Disapproving bartender disapproves.”

3. “Creep?”

4. Someone’s in trouble!

5. “On the dance floor in Las Vegas”

6. “When issuing statements in front of the camera, always make sure that the sculptures in the background aren’t commenting!”

7. “The time is coming...”

8. Poor kid must`ve seen something truly appalling...

9. The Dark Knight has come to the rescue!

10. O-oh, that`s not good...

11. “Stepmother does not approve.”

12. What`s going on here?

13. They all probably better run!

14. Let`s hope his hearing is OK!

15. “The moment this jogger realized he stumbled into my friends’ engagement photo”

Have you ever gotten photobombed? We`d love to see your pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit thenegotiatordictato / reddit
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