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15 Stupefying Photos Showing That Anything Can Happen at Work

Anything can happen during ordinary working days. Sometimes it’s a weird incident that makes you smile, and other times it’s your colleagues that are making you laugh. Let’s find out what you can expect to face when at work!

Bright Side has collected some photos to cheer you up and remind you that work can be funny.

When the weather is great but you’re stuck at work:

Imperturbable office workers

When you ask for as much mild sauce as they can give you without getting fired.

Office classic

Who said policemen have no sense of humor?

When you want to feel comfy, even at work.

“Some friends left a surprise for the next people who decide to redo the carpet.”

“I’m a beginner beekeeper and I was told that a sting to the face is a rite of passage. So I have that going for me.”

Pranksters will be pranksters.

That pencil that always falls down!

Now you have to be attentive as not to confuse anything.

When a cook knows what to do:

An introvert’s workspace

“Everything began with a wet spot...”


Do you have fun at the office? Share your stories with us.

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