15+ Textbook Illustrations That Were So Ridiculous We Couldn’t Stop Laughing

On average, students only read 30% of the assigned material to prepare for classes. We bet that a sense of humor can add some fun, even to the lamest textbook, and it looks like some authors understand this. Because from time to time, we see some illustrations on our textbook pages that are so extreme, it makes us wonder if the authors had some kind of competition in absurdity.

Here at Bright Side we looked through the internet and collected the craziest pictures people spotted in their books to give you a few laughs today.

1. Thank you, these are very good examples.

2. Somebody didn’t survive physics.

3. Alternative biology

4. First they read us these books and then they tell us to be nice to people.

5. “That’s an interesting question, math textbook...”

6. That’s exactly how most of us imagined it the whole chemistry course.

7. You and your ex after deciding to stay friends:

8. A test on attentiveness

9. We wish that all of chemistry was like this.

10. Rocked it

11. Physics, ladies and gentlemen...

12. Math at its finest

13. This explains it all.

14. This one makes us wonder what the whole thing is about.

15. That’s me during Christmas break:

16. Something’s wrong with those Maple leaves.

Have you ever spotted any crazy illustrations in books? Share the most insane ones with us in the comments, we all need more of this!

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