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15 Things That Raise Adrenaline Levels by Just Looking at Them

As you might know, adrenaline is developed by our body when we experience dangerous or stressful situations and causes a condition similar to euphoria. This hormone of fear helped our ancestors to mobilize their body’s resources to protect themselves from predators. Nowadays, since there is not much danger around us, we figured out other ways to cause this adrenaline rush. We watch horror movies, we dive, or like the heroes of our article, we make mind-blowing things.

Bright Side put together 15 photos of people who increase their adrenalin level by doing some crazy things. Even the scariest horror movie is nothing compared to the things these people do.

1. Descending a mountain

2. Cable car to Mount Hua, China

3. Snow paragliding

4. Extreme siesta

5. Longboarding has top speeds.

6. A day in the life of an electrician

7. Raise your legs and you’ll fly!

8. Nothing gets your heart pumping like being stuck between 2 walls!

9. Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa rides a massive 80 ft high wave in Nazare, setting a new world record.

10. Wingsuit flying is the most crazy and impressive thing we’ve seen in our lives.

11. Our recommendation: Don’t look down!

12. If your knees still aren’t trembling, look at this.

13. “My mother and grandmother demonstrating safety standards in the 1960s.”

14. To perceive the scope of the event look at the shadow (top left).

15. Oh, this one is just for kids. Would you ride this elevator?

Bonus: Thor on vacation

Would you try some of these extreme sports yourself? Tell us in the comments below.

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