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15 Things We Need to Buy in Mass Quantities

Bulk-buying is almost always cheaper per unit, the difference might be only pennies, but they add up very quickly if you use a certain product often. Something even more notable is that it stops you from making trips to the store too often, which combats impulse buys! However, it is important to know which items are the right ones to buy in large quantities.

That is precisely why Bright Side has prepared a list of 15 of them, which are only the tip of the iceberg by the way, to point you in the right direction.

1. Toilet paper

This one is a no-brainer really. You don’t want to run out of toilet paper, especially if you are alone at home!

2. Butter

You might not consider butter to be particularly expensive, but it can be a real budget buster. It is a cooking essential and if you are constantly whipping up confections in the kitchen, you’d better stock up on it in bulk. Just make sure it’s frozen.

3. Nuts

Nuts are healthy and fun to munch on. They are so good that sometimes we don’t realize we’ve finished a whole pack already, that’s why it’s good to have larger quantities around. In some places, you can buy nuts in bulk which would cost you around $.38 per ounce, while in regular food stores nuts are around $.90 per ounce. Plus, it saves you trips to the store as well!

4. Batteries

Any doomsday prepper will tell you that batteries are very, very important to stock up on! Even if you are not one of those folks, they are still very useful and you should always have some stored around in the house, in a cold place of course! Right now on Amazon you can buy a pack of 100 alkaline batteries for $0.23 per battery, while a pack of 8 of the same costs $0.54!

5. Pasta

Pasta is easy to cook and delicious. If you are tired or too lazy to cook, you can always just whip out some pasta and have your dinner easily figured out. And if you store them in a cold dark place, they can last up to 2 years.

6. Laundry detergent

Let’s accept it, no one loves doing laundry. It’s one of those annoying chores that is very important to do, but what’s even more annoying is realizing you have run out of detergent and you have to make a trip to the store to buy some. At Walmart, a 23-count bag of Cascade Complete Fresh Scent Actionpacs costs $0.26 per load, while the 63-count version brings it down to $0.22 per load.

7. Toothpaste and toothbrushes

Getting up, going to brush your teeth, and realizing you have no more toothpaste left... Sound familiar? Yeah, we’ve all been there and it’s seriously one of the most infuriating things, especially early in the morning. It’s good to stock up on toothpaste so this never happens. Toothbrushes are no exception either, since it is recommended to change them every 3 months.

8. Soaps and shampoos

Hygiene products usually have a very long shelf life and don’t get spoiled if kept at the appropriate temperature. So, you can buy them in large quantities. For liquid soap keep a large container under the sink and refill your smaller bottles when needed.

10. Rice

Rice lasts practically forever. It’s good, very, very healthy, and cheap. At Walmart, a 5 lb. bag of Great Value Jasmine Rice costs $0.90 per pound, while a 20 lb. bag of the same brand runs just $0.76 per pound. That is around a 20% savings!

11. Light bulbs

If a lightbulb in your home dies, you don’t want to frighten your children, or other adults, by spending the rest of the night in the dark! It’s always smart to have a few of them laying around so you can always be prepared, just make sure you keep them in a safe place. On Amazon a pack of 24 lightbulbs costs $23 dollars while a pack of 4 of the same, is $7 dollars.

12. Cereal

With the rise in the price of wheat, cereals are getting pricier. But you can strike a good deal and save a lot of money if you buy them in bulk. At Sam’s Club, you can buy a 49.5 oz bag Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal for just $7 dollars, while at most supermarkets a 12.2 oz bag of the same cereal goes for $4, you do the math! Kids will love that purchase... and let’s be honest, so will the adults!

13. Coffee

Waking up in the morning and brewing a hot pot of coffee to drink can be counted as the best way to start a day. A cup of coffee is high in antioxidants, is good for the heart, and provides the necessary kickstart to the day. But it can also be extremely expensive if you buy it in smaller quantities. At Amazon, Solino Dark Roast coffee pods are $0.42 per pod when bought as a box of 24, but drop to $0.30 per pod for a box of 100. And don’t worry about them going bad. Coffee has a long shelf life.

14. Diapers

Any parent will tell you that diapers get used very, very quickly. They are pretty expensive too, so it’s smart to buy them in bulk. Investing in a bigger box of diapers turns out to be cheaper in the long run than buying a smaller one.

15. School supplies

If it was up to your kid, you wouldn’t even need to shop for school supplies. But then again, if it was up to kids, they wouldn’t go to school at all, so maybe we shouldn’t take their advice on those things. Buying supplies absolutely has to be done and it’s always smart to buy a lot of pens and pencils, because they get used pretty quickly, but most of all — disappear pretty often. More notebooks can’t hurt either, as they can be used the year after that anyway!

Which of these products do you buy in bulk? Please share your thoughts with the rest of us in the comments!

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