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15 Times Athletes and Sports Fans Fought Against Weather

The Olympic Games in Pyeongchang was one of the coldest and windiest games in the past years. The weather caused the officials to postpone the men’s downhill race and women’s giant slalom during the first few days. Yet, as our list shows, athletes and sports fans are used to bad weather.

We at Bright Side invite you to take a look at the amazing pictures of fans, coaches, and athletes competing in extreme conditions.

1. Ukraine vs France: Euro 2012

The match between the Ukraine and France during the 2012 EuroCup was suspended for security reasons after just five minutes, due to thunderstorms. The game resumed after one hour as weather conditions improved. The fans, however, were not scared off by the rain or the thunderstorm.

2. Bad weather doesn't ruin the mood of NFL fans.

When heavy snow hit the east coast of the US before the football match between the Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills, the game was not canceled. The players competed in these terrible weather conditions and the Bills won.

3. NFL teams do bad weather drills during training camp.

This slip and slide drill the football players practice at training camps will enable them to perform well no matter what the weather is like. When the ball hits the rain-soaked turf, the player has no choice but to dive in.

4. The Fog Bowl: 1988

"The Fog Bowl" is a term for a game that took place on New Year's Eve of 1988 between the Bears and the Eagles. The game was played in such a fog that it was difficult to see beyond a radius of 10 to 15 yards on the field.

5. The snowy and controversial defeat of Costa Rica

This 2014 World Cup qualifier took place in difficult weather conditions and ended in the 1-0 victory for the US team. The team of Costa Rica sent an appeal claiming that the game should never have been played in this weather, but the appeal was rejected.

6. The rain-soaked 5000-meter run in Portland

These cross country runners know how to rest after a competition. The second edition of the Nike Team Nationals championship turned into an extremely muddy affair and resulted in the all-time slowest girls individual championship time.

7. "Bike in the rain" they said.

These athletes are surely getting the best training for the next Tour de France.

8. Cheerleaders in the pouring rain: December 11, 2016

Football is so tough that even their cheerleaders don't mind the rain, it makes their show even more spectacular.

9. 1998: Belgian Grand Prix

The race in 1998 started under a torrential Ardennes downpour. No wonder, the day was full of accidents, involving what went down in history as the biggest car crash. 11 cars were involved, but luckily, all the drivers could escape. The race was restarted and resulted in the victory of the Irish team: the first victory of the Irish team in 126 starts.

10. "The hell of the North," Paris Roubax 2001

Paris Roubax is considered to be the hardest cycling race, especially when it is raining heavily. 2001 was one of the muddiest and most spectacular years in the history of the race. The riders were barely visible through the mud and grime and there were multiple crashes.

11. Swamp football

In swamp football, a game invented in Finland, players go to swamps full of dirt intentionally and try to make goals in deep, dark brown mud. If it rains, the mud becomes deeper and the show even more spectacular.

12. Snow-melting during a break in the game

During the soccer game between Minnesota United and the Atlanta United, lines had to be swept as snow made field visibility a real problem.

13. Fog hockey game: 1975

Even indoor matches are not safe from bad weather. An unusual heat wave struck Buffalo in May 1975, the time of the hockey Stanley Cup Final. The auditorium lacked an air conditioning system so the game was played in heavy fog. Interestingly, the fog started forming after a bat flew inside the arena and was killed by one of the players with his stick.

14. 20 km walk in the rain: Olympics 2008

Heavy rain did not prevent these strong women from walking 20 km in the Olympic finals.

15. Bills fans are hardcore.

These fans came to the game of their favorite team even though there was not much to see due to heavy snow.

Bonus: Roberto Mancini on a flooded Russian stadium.

This image is actually photoshopped: Italian coach Roberto Mancini, who was appointed as a new manager of the Russian club Zenit, is sitting on a bench of a Khabarovsk stadium which was flooded in 2014.

Have you ever gone to see your favorite team play despite the weather or played a sport in extreme weather conditions? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments.

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