15 Times Laziness Defeated Common Sense

There are people who are unable to do a job or a complete task because they say they are too tired to give their maximum effort. Luckily, those moments are often fun and good-humored. There are those who eat their food directly from a can or a box, in order to avoid making a mess and washing a dish. There are also those who will clean up only the space they need to use or those who, because of their laziness, prefer to not wrap a gift, reusing the wrapping of the actual product they’re gifting. These and other stories are found in a Reddit thread dedicated to these slackers.

Bright Side made a list with images of the tasks that these people left halfway done and that deserve a medal for their efforts... or for the tremendous lack of them.

1. This family made a special storage space for their small but heavy appliances, with rolling stands.

2. “Our bag was full, but we’re lazy.”

3. “Just throw the cans away, she said... I don’t know how to follow the given instructions.”

4. When you follow the instructions wrong and they have to clear it up for you:

5. “Throwing away paint trays is a waste, and cleaning them is a disaster... Here’s a clever and lazy solution!”

6. This is a very literal instruction.

7. This guy decided to take a nap while sitting on someone else’s scooter.

8. “I found this after coming home from work... my parents were here all day long.”

9. A new way to change tires

10. “The color of my desk changed over the years because I’m too lazy to get a mouse pad.”

11. Like my new milk glass?

12. This person only cleaned up the most important part in order to drive.

13. “I received a package today, and this is how it was delivered to me.”

14. “I was too lazy to wrap the whole gift, so I only wrapped a piece of it instead.”

15. A smart way to avoid getting a bowl dirty

What are the things you’re the laziest about doing? Share your anecdotes below in the comments!

Preview photo credit Frank_The_Furfag / Reddit
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