15 Times People Made Unfortunate Dress Choices for Special Events

When we have a special event in our life, we prepare for it carefully. We pay special attention to choosing the dress we will wear. Some people want to be unique so badly that their outfit choice surprises everyone. Other people find their perfect dress online, but their experience turns out to be heartbreaking.

Bright Side made a list of such dresses. Look through to the end, and don't make such mistakes yourself.

15. She looks very happy though...

14. Everyone's attention is guaranteed.

13. I would like to see the groom's outfit.

12. What if she needs to raise her hands?

11. Team Edward or Team Jacob?

10. Definitely unique!

9. This wedding dress is from a famous designer.

8. A dress and a cake in one!

And some online purchases...

7. Not even close...

6. I feel sorry for her too.

5. The color matches perfectly.

4. These Chinese measurements...

3. Like a giant squid

2. Always stay positive...in any situation.

1. It looks like the face of a shocked person.

In your opinion, which of these was the most unfortunate? Tell us in the comments.

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