15+ Times Shops Had a Top-Shelf Sense of Humor

When analyzing shopping habits of 2,000 women, a US/UK research team found that the average woman spends up to 8.5 years of her life shopping. In the case of the stores in this article, a lot of that time is spent laughing!

At Bright Side, we are always down for a good laugh, especially after learning that doing so can actually prolong your life!

True feelings about Starbucks

Aussies are keeping it real.

Who knew ice cream got scared so easily?

This labeling person got carried away.

Art is supposed to mimic life, right?

What a treat!

Furry surveillance is watching you.

We can finally purchase it!

This repair man is hardcore.

This coffee shop has 2 cup sizes: "biggie" and "smalls".

An appropriate repair sign

An honest review in a book store

He has had it.

So much artistry on this little thing!

Good advice for shopping and life

The comic store is really threatening.

This shop knows their customers.

We feel like The Godfather would have similar advertising.

A critical view on parenting skills

"I noticed this bottle at a local coffee shop and asked the owner about it. He said, "Health inspector asked, 'What's this jar?' And I said, 'Nothing, it's empty.' And she said, 'Everything has to be labeled,' so I labeled it."

Right on the pun!

Which one of these had you bursting into laughter? Be sure to share with us in the comments!

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