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15 Times Starbucks Employees Hilariously Misspelled Names

Since the top 1000 U.S. names feature such ones as Itzel, Jaxson, Nevaeh and Yandel, it's no wonder baristas at Starbucks often have hard times trying to spell people's names correctly. But sometimes their problems with spelling just can't be explained.

They say, nobody's perfect and making mistakes is completely normal. This is ultimately what makes us human. But you know what else makes us human? Making fun of others' mistakes. That's why we, at Bright Side, have collected 15 of the most hilarious names have been totally destroyed by the Starbucks' coffee sommeliers.

1. Nice to meet you Marc with a "c".

2. The smooth move.

3. If you don't know this yet, baristas are not above ordinary muggles. They can't speak the name of the Dark Lord.

4. Barista must be a fan of Finding Nemo… yeah, that’s definitely it.

5. When they finally get your name right!

6. When your barista is trolling you.

7. This coffee employee deserves a raise!

8. A guy went to Starbucks and said his name was Skywalker. The coffee guy asked: Anakin or Luke? The result was awesome, right?

9. If your name was ebola you'd be alona.

10. When baristas get it right phonetically.

11. At least they feel sorry for misspelling.

12. That awkward moment when a barista is calling out names and pauses, that's when you know it's your drink.

13. You know what? Sometimes names are hard.

14. Perhaps the barista just went to the matinee viewing of the hit Broadway musical and was so inspired by the production that they brought their love of it back to work.

15. Now, we don’t know for sure whether Ingrid became Angry because of this particular episode, or if this was just a misunderstanding.

What's the most ridiculous name a Starbucks' barista has ever given you?

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