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15 Troublemaker Animals Who’ve Opened a Portal Into a Messy Life

Pets are just like kids. They need all your attention, endless love, and they don’t know what personal boundaries are. Oh, and of course we haven’t forgotten about their love of being naughty. We’re sure that our 4-legged friends give children a head start. Check these pictures if you don’t believe us!

Bright Side writers also have pets and they confirm: animals are 100% more disastrous than a hurricane. But it’s one of the millions of reasons why we love them.

“You shouldn’t have trusted me.”

“Get off of your phone and take me for a walk.”

“Caught him trying to pickpocket my mom’s purse.”

“Stop working and play with me right now!”

“Hey, how are you?”

“You can’t justify yourself...”

“It’s not what you’re thinking about.”

“I think you’re sitting on the cat.” “What cat?”

“Red-handed thieving muffin mix milk.”

“Oh, no-no, we’re best friends!”

“I need all your attention, and I need it now.”

“We need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.”


“Some privacy, please!”

A family went to the movies for 3 hours and came back to this:

Is your pet naughty? Share some pictures of it with us!

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