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15 Useful Gadgets Designed to Make Your Life a Lot Easier

Every year, thousands of inventions are registered in the US through a simple process, yet only several of those end up on the shelves of our favorite stores. But we think some of these inventions should be sold everywhere as soon as yesterday!

At Bright Side, we have compiled a list of gadgets to help you work, cook, take care of your pets, and most importantly, manage your time while doing everyday tasks. We can’t wait to buy some of these inventions!

1. A shopping cart with a calculator

2. LED slippers that prevent you from banging your pinkie toe

3. A measurement guide on the back of this box of spaghetti

4. This alarm clock makes you coffee when it’s time to wake up.

5. Your crumbs make food for the birds.

6. An “office box” in the airport with an internet connection

7. This weight watching belt helps you know your actual measurements.

8. A coconut with a pull-tab — isn’t this brilliant?

9. Use this credit card light bulb anytime, anywhere.

10. Don’t leave your dog out in the rain, give them a DogBrella!

11. Technology for those with no self-control

12. A telephone device that makes your conversations completely private

13. Changing room hooks that help you pick what you want

14. Wave over the green button to make your toilet seat sanitized.

15. These traffic lights are timed to show how long you’re about to wait.

Which one of these gadgets were the most brilliant? Be sure to share your thoughts and your own findings in the comment section!

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